Get Started with a Student Account

Built-In Quizzing Tools

Your instructor has added all the plants you are required to learn this semester to the PlantMaster database. Using your account you can import the plants each week and quiz yourself on the Botanical Name, Common Name, and Family Name of each plant. The best part is each plant has multiple high resolution images so you really get a full visual of what each plant looks like.


Student accounts are available for $35 per semester (the cost of a text book or lab fee).  This account is valid for 5 months.  You can renew your account until you are finished with college.

Making it Your Own

With your account, you can add your own pictures, add your own field notes, and use the database to start your professional career. All data and photography are stored in your private account for you to access at any point. Even if your account goes idle, your notes and information will be saved for three years.

Already have a PlantMaster account? Great! Check out your class plant lists.