I just edited a plant in my project but when I go back to the project the plant has not changed, what happened?

Whenever you edit plant information, the database creates a copy of the plant record with your edits. The original copy stays in the master database (which is accessible to all users and why it appears as though you haven’t made the change) The revised version you created is automatically stored in “My Plants” folder and is not automatically added to the project. To ensure you have your version of the plant in your projects and not the original, follow these steps.


  1. Make sure to remove the original plant record from your project by selecting the Minus Symbol (-) in the corner of the thumbnail.
  2. Click on “Plants” section in the menu
  3. Select “My Plants” from the vertical navigation on the left
  4. Navigate to the plant record you created
  5. Add the plant to your project


How do I delete a plant from a project?
Open the “Project” page from the main navigation menu at the very top of  your screen. The thumbnails in this section have a minus sign ( – ) in red in the upper right corner.  By clicking on one of them it will remove that plant from the current list.


How does the partial name look up tool work?
The partial name look up tool is located near the top of the navigation bar on the left hand side of the Plant page.  Look for a search window with a magnifying glass icon.  It will look for all plants that have the sequence of letters you enter.  It sorts through the Botanical Name, Common Name and even a previous Botanical Name (Synonymous Name) fields for the letters you chose.  For example, if you entered “Ice”  looking for Ice Plants you will also get Licorice Plant because of “licor….ice”. Partial Name Lookup is a great tool to use if you only have a piece of a name in mind.  “indica” will pull up a multitude of plants that have this as the species portion of its botanical name.


Why didn’t PlantMaster keep the plants I added?
You probably added plant names, type and  description and then you added a picture, once the picture is added it pushed the “Add This Plant” button underneath the image or images you have added.  That means you must scroll pretty far down to get to that button and my quess is you probably thought when you choose UPLOAD that meant the whole plant and not just the picture.  You must additionally select “Add This Plant”


How do I add or change the Plant Code in the plant legends there seems to be nowhere to enter that data?
There is no column in the plant list currently for entering plant code at this time.  The work around is to select the legend layout that includes the plant code and export to Excel or a Text file where a column will be preserved for this purpose.  There you can edit away to your heart’s content.


How do I find the plants I added to my account?  I added one but now I cannot find it.

Currently, added and edited plants are stored separately in the My Plants folder in your account. When you go to the Plants Menu page look for:  “Show Plant By:” the first item in that list is My Plants. Your additions and edited plants are stored there for selection and addition to your projects.

Please note: In future upgrades, we plan to integrate your added plants so you have access to them from the search tools.


Why aren’t the plants organized by Plant Type in the reports? They are organized by plant type in the legends why not the reports?
The Month of Bloom and Water Requirements reports have been reworked this way now.  We are working on Plant Briefs, Plant Details, All Pictures, and One Picture reports.  The temporary work-around is to take your project and duplicate it.  Then delete out all but one plant type, for example: Trees.  Then print out a Plant Briefs report of the project with only Trees in it.  Repeat for the other plant types.  It is awkward but it works for now until this issue is amended.

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